Thứ Bảy, 9 tháng 8, 2014

Ngày 4!

Good girl, 
bad girl,  
1/2 good - 1/2 bad 



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  1. 1/2 good - 1/2 bad ?
    or 1/4 good - 3/4 bad...
    That's the way you should be, girl...
    Who wants to be called a good girl and live a life of angel, meaning no sins? Oh come on, I call it boring and death...
    So let be it, be You!

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  2. People posting all good things on fb, blogs and whatever they want to fool the whole world - by showing their good side and good pics, what the heo for ? I agreed with you on this, just be you, who doesn't have the dark side? fantasy? sex? wild? come on people let your mind unleashed!

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    1. That's why i don't go around, stay in my zone and be Moi!
      Yup, let your mind releashed if you're dare...

    2. People khoat len chiec ao dao duc, che giau tham, san, si and khi lot bo ao quan tren giuong ho cung long lon nhu mot con thu :))